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January 22, 2013 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / iPad / 1 Comment

What’s on your iPad?

TweetOK, I’ll go first — A little while ago, I was asked to put together my top five iPad apps. So, here they are. Ready? 1. Chrome I’m so late to the Chrome-across-multiple-devices party it’s ridiculous. I’ve used Chrome on the desktop for yonks, then I added it to my phone (at the moment: the […]

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March 30, 2012 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / 5things, Video / 2 Comments

5 things on Friday #13

TweetFive things of note for the week ending Friday March 30th, 2012 1. How to peel a banana like a monkey Mind. Blown. 2. A new UK Bank Holiday? An online petition has appeared recently pushing for the UK to have an extra Bank Holiday (this time in November), but with a twist. As the […]

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November 9, 2011 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Mobile, Nokia, The Music / 1 Comment

Spotify on Windows Phone

TweetIt’s here… Yesterday was a fairly busy day, if you’re a tech-head like me at least; Google+ rolled out their brand pages, the Nokia N9 started updating to the much-heralded mega-fix firmware and, for those that needed it, Spotify dropped onto the Windows Phone Marketplace. Google+ I’ve covered already (no really, what is it for?), […]

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