Saying goodbye to old clients

TweetWritten and scheduled August 17th 2010 This is an irksome post. My blogging ‘strategy’ has nearly always been work on the work blog [link removed], mobile on the mobile blog and everything else in my happy place. But this post is fairly work-related. A post that I wasn’t allowed to put up (on the work […]

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A date in October

Tweet Moleskine entry: October 19th, 2009 (maybe) You have a lot of work to do. Not least the epic workload of the pages that have gone before.  A job, not small, but not important either – at least, it would seem right now. I want to be able to do my job my NEW job […]

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The Marketing Academy

TweetI’ve just woken up in Cookham, just outside of Maidenhead. Not Dubai, where I was last week, or in fact London – where I actually live. Nope. Today I am in Cookham. Why? Allow me to explain. A couple of months ago my old boss dropped me an email containing two words and one link. […]

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