Jon Bon Jovi… eh?!


So let’s get one thing clear – I am not a Bon Jovi fan…


If someone offers you one of these…

..for nothing..

Its VERY difficult to say no.

Not only that but the tickets were Gold VIP Inner Circle too..

So yeah..

My mate Steve mentioned that he might go the other night.. he said he had these tickets and he wasnt fussed either way – but his mate Mike was going with his bird and he was gonna jump in their car with them.. I said I’d go too if there was a spare ticket.. Turns out there was a spare ticket but Mike had already agreed to take more people in his car.. so me and Steve said dont worry about it..

Fast forward to 3pm this afternoon and I’m walking back into Twickenham and I get a phone call from Steve..

“Oi Whatley – you fancy Bon Jovi?”

“I thought Mike had gone already.. ?”

“He has. He left at 11am this morning.. nutcase.. but yeah – figured these tickets are worth at least a ton so we should use ’em really.. we got backstage passes too.. So I’m thinkin’, fuck it, lets just jump in the car and go eh?”

“Mate – I’M ALL OVER IT!”

So off we went.. made good time too.. God knows why Mike left so early. We got there and we caught the first couple of Nickelback songs (they were supporting) then we hung out in the VIP tent for a bit and then went and joined the party in the ‘inner circle’ …


So yeah – random as hell but a great way to spend a Sunday evening!

I’m shattered now mind.. been a long day.

So I’m gonna go to bed.. and sleep.

Resigned to the fact… cont!

Right folks,

Apologies for the ‘half-blog’ the other day – it was just too sunny to stay in and type this stuff up! As it stands – its 815am here and the Sun is up but I dont think its warm enough to warrant going outside just yet.. watch this space! Hehehe…

Where was I?

*opens new window – checks previous blog*


Right then – I emailed Kevin back telling him how stoked I was that they were still interested etc.. and I left it at that.

That afternoon I get an email from their CEO asking me to pop over sometime next week… so we arranged a time and a date and last Wednesday I rocked over to Refresh Mobile in Fulham and went and saw them..

Now – bear in mind that my vocation at the moment is Accountant. So I bowl in there thinking I’m being interviewed for an Accounts-based position..

But no – turns out they want me to not do any accounts stuff at all!

They want me to work with them on improving their software and to help in making it a better experience for the user!

The two people that interviewed me didnt seem interested in my CV at all.. in fact one of the quotes from the interview was-

“James, if we’d have got your CV from some head hunting job agency.. you wouldn’t have made it through the door – its only because you’ve met Kevin and Scott that you’re here – they speak highly of you..”

Eventually Scott comes down and we have a bit of a chat, discuss the Mobizines in more detail.. he gives me a pop quiz on the software.. which, to be honest – I dont really know how well I did on!

But at the end of the interview said:

“Right then, I should make you an offer then really.. ”


“I’ll email you in the morning..”


I give Scott my personal email address (so far all correspondence has been using my my work email – which is a bit …unethical i guess.. and probably against company policy too I’d imagine – know The Mail) and then I toddle off home.. after a near two hour interview!

Thursday arrives..

All day long i’m constantly checking my email.. lunchtime passes.. still nothing.. panic.. setting.. in.. it gets to 1630 and I decide to email Kevin – “MATE! No news! Should I be concerned?! ..or just more patient?!”

No reply!


Following morning I get an email from Scott to my work address.. turns out he mislaid my personal email address.. (THANK YOU LORD!) ..I send it over and within minutes I have a job offer and contract in my inbox ready for my perusal.. I browse over it.. decide that this is probably the best thing thats happened to my carreer in YEARS and email Scott back…

“I accept!”

I printed the contract off, signed it, sent it back… and by 11am I’d resigned from the Daily Mail!


Do you have ANY IDEA how nice that feels?!


Well.. thing is.. its nicer for me I guess – I was made redundant from my last two positions and I’d kinda forgotten what it feels like to LEAVE a job instead of my job leaving me.. y’know?!

I’m so excited – this job’s gonna be great..

But now.. we have a problem. (Yup. Its never simple is it?!)

Right – so – I’l try and make this as simple as possible.

The Mail pays on the 15th of every month – two weeks in advance and two weeks in arrears. So you get paid for the two weeks you’ve just worked and then the two weeks you’re about to work… With me so far?

Cool – anyway – because of my trip to Thailand I’ve used up all my holiday at the mail and it turns out I owe them seven days.. so.. they’re gonna deduct that amount from my salary.. not NEXT month’s… no no.. THIS month’s. Arse. So in four days I get three week’s money. That’s June.

Then – on July 7th I finish at the Mail.

July 10th I start at Refresh.

July 15th I get paid ONE WEEK’S (!!) money from the Mail.

Now with Refresh things are different – they do it normally – there you get paid at the end of the month for the month you’ve just worked y’dig? So moving on:

On July 30th I get paid THREE WEEK’S money from Refresh..

Then I dont get paid again until the end of August. That pay cheque will be first full pay cheque since May 15th.


Fingers crossed I can survive til then.. I might be eating out of bins and stuff but I guess I’ll survive!


So yeah – thats my news!

Good and (slightly) bad.

Goodbye and So Long to The Daily Mail!

Goodbye and So Long to my Carreer as an Accountant!

Hello Refresh Mobile!

( oh and goodbye to my social life over the summer )


Ok – thats that sorted – now to bring us bang up to date.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Hung out with mates most of the day watching various World Cup matches..



…had a kickabout.. my mate Rich broke his leg! But he’s alright.. Trooper that he is! Gonna go see him later.. see how he’s getting on..

So yeah.. there we go.

I’m gonna go have a bath now I think…

Chat soon!



Forgot to mention – there’s a fairly large chance that I might be going to see Bon Jovi in Milton Keynes today… Bizarre eh!? Hahaahah..I’ll let you know.

Resigned to the fact…

Good morning everybody!

Its 10am and we’re T-Minus Four Hours until England kick-off their opening game of the World Cup against Paraguay.. Rock.

Lookin good – I haven’t spent any time examining the team sheet or panicking over Stevie Gerrard’s Hip/Back problems.. the guy’s younger then me for crying out loud – he’s probably still growing! Give the lad a chance..

Enough World Cup chat the time being.. Lets have an update shall we?!


So – last time I posted I had just been to an interview at an Agency and I was off to for an interview the following day…

Well – Refresh Mobile make these things called Mobizines – – its a pretty damn cool piece of software for your Mowbli and its dead easy to use and dead cheap and and and.. you get the idea – just click the link and go see what I’m talking about..

I digress..

Three months ago I downloaded the aforementioned program for my Nokia and I couldnt get the bugger to work.. One of the Mobizines they do is BBC Headlines – and that’s the one I wanted – more info HERE – so I mailed them (‘them’ being the useful people at Refresh – NOT the BBC) and told them..

They were really cool and eventually between us we got it working. In the meantime a certain amount rapport built up between me and the guy I was dealing with – and when the phone was all sorted and stuff Kevin at Refresh asked me if I’d like a cheque for £20.. because I’d uncovered a problem with the software etc that no one had found and at the time they had this reward scheme in place that gave ‘prizes’ for any user that did such a thing..

“Hmm” said I. “£20?” ..

“Yes” said Kevin “Or something from this list.. “

Kevin sent me this link which had a list of boys toys and gadgets on it.. which were all pretty cool – my favourite of which was a ‘Fog Gun’. A FOG GUN! BRILLIANT! You hold the trigger down and it makes fog! Hours of fun…. “Tonight Matthew…” (holds trigger down) “…I’m going to be Batman!” Brilliant.. sorry.. got carried away..

So yeah – I nearly opted for the Fog Gun. Kinda glad I didn’t now really!

At the bottom (might’ve been the top – cant remember) of the list was a small line saying “Or come to the office and meet the team! ..and..if we like you.. you might even get a job interview! Refresh Mobile are always looking for new and exciting members of staff… etc etc”

So I emailed Kevin back – “Er.. I think I’d like the job interview and the tour please!”

“Ok mate – sure – send us your CV and we’ll arrange something..”

It was all a bit crazy and I’ll tell you for why!

1) I had NO IDEA what I job I was going to be interviewed for.

2) I had no idea what on Earth they were gonna think of me.. think about this for a second.. I turned down HARD CASH just so I could come down and meet the team and then maybe get an interview.. I thought ‘They must think I’m weird..”

Anyway – went along, met Kevin.. lovely chap.. he gave me the tour of their offices etc.. I met various members of staff….and then he introduced me to this guy called Scott. He’s the CEO of the company and dead nice.. anyway – we had a good talk and we pretty much just geeked each other out for about 45mins or so chattin’ about mobile phones and stuff and it was really, really interesting.. He showed me how the Mobizines worked etc and I told him what I thought and so on.. it was cool.

So then it turned to what I do for a living (at the time I was a Management Accountant for The Daily Mail – Yeah – I know..) and I told him and he was like ..”Ok… ….we’re not looking for any of those at the moment but if anything comes up we’ll be in touch”.

And it pretty much ended there..

So – fast forward to last week – remember my blog and how much I REALLY hated my job? Yeah – I emailed Kevin at Refresh just saying “Hi! How are ya?!” etc etc.. “just a friendly reminder email I suppose reminding him that I was still there etc and still interested….”

I got an email back from Kevin the following day saying:

“Hi James, we’re still interested – more soon..”

…and that’s where I’m leaving it folks..

For now anyway – the day is too beautiful for me to be stuck indoors typing!

Rest of the story to come soon.. PROMISE!


So Tired

So I’ve just spent the best part of two hours catching up on emails and stuff..

I’m knackered – had an interview at my agency today – that went well

Refresh Mobile tomorrow..

We’ll see how it goes..


Just here to post some pics really..

Hopefully they wont be TOO big..

This is Bophut – where I spent my last night in Koh Samui..

Here’s me and a Ladyboy..

Yes. That is a Man.

So’s the one on the left.

Yeah – thats all I can be arsed to post..

I’m shattered..


More to come sooon..

Oh.. ok – one more..

Me. In a small room. At work.



Kensington – 2pm in the Afternoon

Afternoon all..

I don’t know why but ever since Thailand I’ve got into the habit of putting my place of typage in the subject heading of my posts.. What do we think about that? Anyone?

Answers on a postcard… (or just click ‘add comment’ – either or)

Anywhoo – remember how I was saying how much I disliked my job?

Well I’m doing something about it. I called my old job agency yesterday and emailed them a new and updated version of my CV.. they called me back this morning and have asked to see me next week. So thats all good.

And also, I emailed that mobile phone software company that I had a chat with a while back, (those of you who know me know about this – if you dont – sorry, cant be bothered to explain – mail me about it if you’re THAT interested – hehehe), to see if they were still interested in me etc.. I just wanted to let them know that I was still available and I hadnt forgotten about them etc… they came back to me almost straight away telling me they were still keen to generate a role for me and they too have asked to see me next week!

So the wheels are in motion!

All I want to do is get a decent job where the stress and pressure is minimal so I can crack on with clearing my debt, sorting my life out, getting my TEFL and then buggering off to see the world. It’s gonna take time but I’ve never had long term goals before.. bout time I started eh?!

Keep smiling all –


Catching up

Cor blimey!

Its been so hectic since I got home – work is mental and anyone who’s anyone is trying to catch me for some catch up drinking and suchlike!

Oh gawd!

So today is Wednesday – I’ve gotta work my socks off up until Friday then the weekend will be here.. dunno what I’ll do with it mind – check my bank balance today – OUCH. A fair amount of stuff from Thailand hit today.

Damn. Basically.

So sod it – I’m gonna have to knuckle down and get the overtime in so I can afford to LIVE next month – Jeez.. Plus Im gonna need a spare bit of spendin money if I’m gonna have any chance of a decent summer..

I am actually considering a second job..

Yeah. I know!

Shockin huh? I gotta do something..

Hmm – maybe escorting?! Hahahahaahahahahahaha…

So yeah – been invited out in Staines tonight with Martin and Ash, tomorrow night I’m seeing my friend Nats, Friday… well Friday is Friday. Saturday I was gonna go back to Canvey and see family and friends.. but now I’ve been invited to a party in Brixton that I REALLY wanna go to.. oh its a tough life.. Maybe I could goto Canvey Friday night and then come home Saturday and go to the party then.. now THAT is an idea.. :o)

Anyway – im rambling..

I need to go to work. Its 720 and my train is in 15mins.

Laters all.