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May 11, 2014 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Life, London Town / 2 Comments

Exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery

TweetYup. BACK STORY In March I wrote a post about the reason why I use Google+. In short, it’s only really down to one thing, and that thing is a little feature known as ‘Auto Awesome‘. What Auto Awesome does is automatically add special effects to the photos that it thinks could do with them. […]

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January 5, 2014 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / London Town / 3 Comments

Abandoned Tube Stations: Aldwych

TweetOr why Aldwych Station is the best ‘#EmptyUnderground’ ever. Formerly known as ‘Strand’, Aldwych first opened in 1907, closed in 1940, reopened in 1946 and then closed again, for the final time, in 1994. Twenty years later, sharp-eyed Sherlock fans (as if there’s any other kind) would go on to spot it in the first […]

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November 20, 2013 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Christmas, London Town / 4 Comments

Getting my coffee fix at #illyschool

TweetTechnically, it was the illy university but hey… image via TikiChris Last week, thanks to the lovely people at Espresso Crazy, I was invited along to the illy university of coffee to learn about (and taste!) the amazing coffee available from illy – and it was pretty darn awesome. — I got an apron and […]

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November 8, 2013 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Geek, London Town / 4 Comments

Hanging out at the #GoogleHouse

TweetSee what I did there? Last week, a friend of a friend at Google invited me along to find out how Google will change the future. The pitch? Let’s face it, we’re all busy. Whether you’re plotting the fastest public transport route across London, trying to order a drink in Paris en Français, or cheating […]

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