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February 9, 2013 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Home Life, Working / 1 Comment

A day in the life

TweetOf me, not this box – I just like the photo Recently, on the way back to London after a client meeting, I had an urge to get home and make shoot some stop-motion video. I’ve done a few before and, well, I enjoy it. Upon expressing this to a colleague, he replied: ‘That’s great! […]

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January 8, 2013 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Health, Home Life / 19 Comments

New Year, New Choices: Running

TweetYes, that’s right: RUNNING. noun [mass noun] – the action or movement of a runner: his running tore United to shreds – the sport of racing on foot: marathon running _______________________________ I’m not a big one for resolutions. Hell, I haven’t even made any this year. But a strange thing happened on January 1st, something […]

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December 30, 2011 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / 5things, Home Life, Life, London Town / 9 Comments

Recent things…

Tweetaka ‘5 things on Friday’, issue #0. One of the blogs I read fairly regularly is that of ex-BBC chappy, Hugh Garry. He’s a smart chap and I finally managed to meet him at a social media week event a little while back, which was nice. One of the things he mentioned back then was […]

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May 3, 2011 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Home Life, Travelling / 8 Comments

I’ve been away…

Tweet …to sort a few things out. A few weeks ago I flew to Moscow for a couple of days and from there, caught the train to Beijing (stopping off for a few nights in Ulanbator, Mongolia along the way). The journey itself was perfect and pretty much exactly what I needed. To put things […]

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January 21, 2011 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Gibraltar, Home Life, Video / 2 Comments

Monkey Business

Tweet My little brother has been in town all week and last night, finally, we managed to make some time to sit down and chat rubbish for a few minutes. The camera gives up right at the end (my fault for not deleting all my #vlomo content off the memory from last year), but I […]

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