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January 11, 2012 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Come on!, Glastonbury, Mobile, Video, Working / 20 Comments

Engagement Currency

TweetWe were talking about alternative [read: cheap] ways to build engagement recently. Something tangible, that you can see, feel or hold physically. Like stickers, for example, they’re easy and silly – but what kind? And also, what type of community would they address? The English definition of ‘currency’ (outside of its obvious monetary connotations) is […]

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July 2, 2008 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Blogging, Glastonbury, VOX / No Comments

Falling a bit behind…

TweetThanks to the complete and utter uselessness of some of the ‘essential’ gadgets I took away with me to Glastonbury this year, the blogging has fallen somewhat short! I shall endeavour to catch up forthwith… – Glastonbury, from the ground up – In the meantime… If gadgets are your thing – take a look at […]

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When Saturday Comes

TweetMorning all, it’s 930am down here in ‘sunny’ Glastonbury. I’m yet to venture outside the tent but I’m assured it’s actually ‘not that bad’… But hey! You can’t come to Glastonbury and moan about the weather! It’s all part of the fun 🙂 So, here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve seen so far: Vampire […]

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June 27, 2008 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Glastonbury, Video, VOX / No Comments

Vampire Weekend, (NOT The Wombats)

TweetGreetings from Glastonbury! We’ve just been to see the awesome Vampire Weekend (although for some reason I refer to them as The Wombats in the second video below), and They were actually very good! Then onto dancing at ‘Guilty Pleasures’ – 70s tunes – and later? Fratellis, Editors and THE KINGS OF LEON! Yay for […]

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June 27, 2008 / by James Whatley">James Whatley / Glastonbury / No Comments

More Photos from Me!

TweetMy mate Dean and I brushing our teeth. A daily ritutal. Next, this photo of Glastonbury really doesn’t communicate the overwhelming sprawl of the place. Cloudy weather, which made a change. Most of the time it was either rain or shine. Rarely anywhere in-between. This next one is of me and my bamboo. And then […]

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