TweetHello folks, New readers and old. The blogging has begun (somewhat in earnest) again. Today is Monday. The time is 13:26. I’ve had a weekend busy doing nothing. *yawn/stretch* Back to work today and I’m looking around thinking: “I really want to be in bed…” But never mind – gotta work, gotta pay those bills.. […]

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Home at last

TweetMorning all! Its 726am and I’m back in the UK. I actually got back around 12hrs ago but I was so shattered that I didnt have time to update.. (sorry true believers). So yeah – where did I leave off? I was in Bangkok wasn’t I? Cool – I think I posted my last blog […]

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Koh Samui – Day 10: Goodbyes

TweetGood morning one and all, Its 920am here and its a beautiful day. I think I might go and laze by the pool for a bit actually.. so that should be cool. In other news – I’m a bit concerned about the cash flow situation – so I decided yesterday to checkout today and then […]

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Koh Samui – Day 9: Food Glorious Food!

TweetGood afternoon all.. So – Day nine of the trip. Day two of eating again. The last night was to take it easy – one step at a time – no crap and no over doing it.. So I get to the table and I order myself this mango and cinnamon softie thing… oh it […]

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Koh Samui – Day 8: FOOOD!

TweetAfternoon all. Today is day eight of my holiday and the first day of non-fasting since I’ve been here! This morning I had to do a warm water colema (as opposed to the coffee solution ones Ive been doing) and then insert some flora grow.. (friendly bacteria) and then wait two hours.. and then eat! […]

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Koh Samui – Day 7: Woo!

TweetGood evening everybody! So yeah – its official – TOMORROW I CAN EAT AGAIN! I’ve been fasting now for seven days. I’m stoked. I’ve got one more colema to do at 7am in the morning and then I’ve gotta have this drink thing then two hours later I can eat.. man – I haven’t looked […]

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