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A Full Day of Music, Vol 2

Music. For you. From a friend (and me).

A Full Day of Music, Vol II

I use Spotify and I like playlists.

If you use Spotify and like playlists too, then this blog post is for you.

Back in April, my friend Sarah and I decided to share a playlist that we’d built together entitled ‘A Full Day of Music, Vol 1‘. The pitch for the playlist was simple:

A Full Day of Music is a mix of tunes that we added because they were the perfect track at the moment we were listening to them. And it’s here, for you.

Designed so you can hit play on the moment you leave the house in the morning to the moment you arrive back home again in the evening.

We were pleased with Vol 1 (both in length and content) and, given the nature of the numbering system that we’ve employed in the naming convention, Vol 2 was the next obvious step.

And here it is: A Full Day of Music, Vol 2.

We like it a lot and we hope you like it too.


PS. Of course we’ve already started Vol 3. Expect it in a couple of months or so.

PPS. If you like Vol 2, use this link to tell your friends about it.


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