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Review: Under the Skin

Lost for words.






I left the cinema feeling sick to the pit of my stomach.

Under the Skin is magnificent.


There is much to say, but also too much.

Many other reviews give you tip offs, things like which characters are driven by what motivations, or where certain characters have come from and where they’re headed. I can’t do that. I can’t. I want you to see this knowing as little as possible.

In fact, I can’t recommend enough that you go into this completely cold (even if you can’t, even if you’ve seen a review that says ‘This is terrible!’ or if you’ve heard from someone that it’s completely rubbish. Ignore that person. Do not listen to their advice).

Just make sure you do go into it.

Go into it at the cinema.

Go into it alone.

Or with friends.

Just go into it.

And don’t look away.

Don’t look back.

Follow her in.

And let her under your skin.


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4 comments on “Review: Under the Skin”

  1. Itchy says:

    I have very bad eczema – should I still see this film?


    James Whatley Reply:

    Depends. Where’s your eczema?


  2. Angela says:

    Oh gee, i don’t know if i can! (scary).


    James Whatley Reply:

    You’re Scottish! You have to!


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