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New. Bond. Trailer.

Bond. James Bond.

I’ve already waxed lyrical about why Skyfall looks set to be bloody fantastic and now Bats is over, it’s all about Bond.

The latest trailer just dropped and, well, watch it for yourself –

Warning: trailer contains plot points you may not want to know

Alright, it gives a bit of the plot away…
…but holy hell, at last we might have a proper villain.




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3 comments on “New. Bond. Trailer.”

  1. Ooh, we get to see some tube action. yey.

    Not a massive Bond film fan (only seen the lastest two films) – though this looks pretty fun.


  2. A lot different than the trailer I saw at Comic-Con. Was not happy with the new Q


    James Reply:

    It’s hugely different, in tone at least, to the original teaser trailer too.

    What’s up with Q? I like that they’re re-visiting the character… as long as he doesn’t turn into the M:I Simon Pegg character, I’ll be happy!


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