A New Adventure

James Whatley

The summer is over and – at long last – so are my travels. My work with Lucozade is at an end and this time last week, I finished up my stint with Oxfam as well.

As the title suggests, it is indeed, time for a new adventure.

Today I’m doing just that by joining 1000heads as Engagement Strategy Director.

I’ve been aware of and worked alongside many different people from 1000heads (aka ‘the word of mouth people’) over the past four years, and they’ve always impressed me with their ideas, professionalism and more than anything else, their ethics. We’ve often shared stories about our respective projects & conversation ideals and very recently I had the opportunity to talk to them much more openly about my long term plans and ambitions.

It was the synergy that came from these meetings that made me realise that working with 1000heads was clearly the next logical step in my career. When it transpired that they felt the same way, everything just fell into place…

Even if you don’t know of 1000heads, you might not be surprised to hear that they are word of mouth (WOM) specialists. The company works with a range of clients from various industries to understand and engage with their consumers, from Nokia and 3Mobile to Canon, STA Travel, Sky and the BBC.

I am absolutely over the moon about joining the ‘heads and can’t wait to sink my teeth into the work ahead. I’ve already been into the office to meet some of the team and I’m going to spend this coming week getting up to speed with the accounts, campaigns and overall strategies I’ll be working on in the coming months.

After an eventful summer (where I really feel like I’ve been getting my hands dirty again), this move makes complete sense to me and well, I look forward to telling you all about the new adventures, as they happen.

Said in the only way I know how:

Bring it on.

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52 Responses to “A New Adventure”

  1. Stefan Constantinescu Says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see which companies you’ll be helping! Here Here! Next time I’m in London I’ll buy you a beer.


  2. Jed Hallam Says:

    Congratulations mate, tad jealous about the job title.

    We should celebrate like it’s 0009 soon.


  3. Sam Says:

    Big congrats partnah, looking forward to some awesome stuff from you!


  4. J. Says:

    Congrats dude, hope it brings you new and interesting challenges, and I look forward to following your continued adventures.



  5. Robin Grant, We Are Social Says:

    Hey James

    Congratulations! All the best to you and all the heads!



  6. Micky Says:

    Congrats James.! Nice 1 mate.


  7. Neil Bird Says:

    Congrats James.


  8. Jim Wild Says:

    Congrats mate, good luck!


  9. Rich Hyndman Says:

    Nicely done James, good luck in the next phase of Whatley!!


  10. O-DoG Says:

    Yay Whatleydude is coming to 1000heads!

    You’ll meet me soon enough ^_^



  11. James Burland Says:

    A perfect match! I’m so pleased that 1000heads managed to snag the irrepressible Mr. Whatley. I’m sure you’ll do great things James. Congratulations!


  12. mike Says:


    Based on your previous commuting experience can we assume you will be based out of the Oxford office πŸ˜‰


  13. Rupert Says:

    They seem like a great company to work for. Certainly everybody I’ve met there is great.
    Killer title, too.


  14. Jonathan Says:

    Congrats James! Good luck with all those heads.


  15. Renate Nyborg Says:

    AWESOME :) That is all. x


  16. Andrew Gerrard Says:

    Congratulations, more exciting times ahead for you. The ICA will be just a little bit emptier now you’ve got a London office πŸ˜‰


  17. Kate Day Says:

    Well done James! Enjoy


  18. Viv & Saffy Says:

    Good luck James .


  19. Terence Eden Says:

    Nice one – sounds like you’ll be right in your element.


  20. Ben Smith Says:

    Great news… as ever you’ve landed on your feet.

    If I believed in job-karma, I’d say this was it, but I don’t… so you must have earned it.


  21. PseudoFinn Says:

    Don’t know if I’m happier for James or the ‘heads. This is a dangerously well matched pair. Congratulations all around!


  22. Rachel Says:

    Congratulations, sounds a great fit.


  23. Pat Phelan Says:

    Huge congrats James :-)


  24. Dan Thornton Says:

    Congrats – sounds like an interesting role…


  25. Bastian Says:

    Congratulations and all the best bro!


  26. Giles Dovaston Says:

    Congratulations fella! Well deserved!

    Just so u know I have left ARN so if you have any recommendations James them please let me know…

    Thanks man!


  27. Richard Says:

    good stuff man, looking forward to seeing more excellent stuff coming from the heads crowd and maybe seeing you at their staff drinks sometime in the future! don’t let em work you too hard πŸ˜‰


  28. Antti Vilpponen Says:

    Congrats! Godspeed!


  29. Chris Reed Says:

    Nice one. I reckon that’s a pretty good match…


  30. Dom Whitehurst Says:

    Fantastic news James, I can’t wait to see your first campaign.


  31. Martin Bryant Says:

    Congratulations James – good news!


  32. Lewis Webb Says:

    Congrats – looking forward to you rocking the WOM stuff.



  33. Mike Maddaloni - @thehotiron Says:

    Congrats James! Looking forward to watching the Heads spin!



  34. Ricky Cadden Says:

    Could not be more excited for you and 1000heads – having worked with both of you, it’s definitely an awesome match.


  35. ana Says:

    looking forward to being engaged πŸ˜‰
    congratz, dude

    xo an


  36. AC Says:

    This is win-win for *everyone*… Congrats!


  37. Carl (@fellowcreative) Says:

    The WOM team do indeed choose their team well! =)
    Most excellent news James, congratulations fella!
    I look forward to following your next series of adventures…


  38. Bernie Goldbach Says:

    Your good news gave me a very big smile–an awesome adventure ahead!


  39. Farhan Rehman Says:

    Awesome news! Congratulations both to you, and 1000heads πŸ˜‰ From what little I’ve seen of 1000heads, it seems like they’re definitely going in the right direction. And seeing that you’ve now joined them, clearly that makes them an all the more awesome agency πŸ˜‰ Sounds like you’re really coming into you’re own now πŸ˜‰ Excellent stuff!!

    Can’t wait to see what awesome stuff you generate and create with them πŸ˜‰

    Best of luck settling into you’re new team.



  40. Roland Tanglao Says:

    maybe one of your clients will send you to Vancouver for the Olympics and we can do the mobilist bike ride that I spoke about when you were with the previous company! congrats!


  41. Ms. Jen Says:

    I completely agree with PseudoFinn – “This is a dangerously well matched pair. ”

    Bring it on, is right!

    To quote Motley Crue, “Knock ’em dead, kid.”



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  43. Michael Litman Says:

    Totally #awesome09!

    All the best mate,


  44. Tim Allen Says:

    Many congratulations James – damned fine news!


  45. charlie Says:

    Interesting. Happy for you.

    Keep kicking butt.


  46. Rax Says:

    You know what they say… 100Heads are better than 500… πŸ˜‰


  47. Lauren Fisher Says:

    Oops, bit slow on the uptake here :) Massive congratulations! You keep on moving from cool job to cooler job. Bit jealous.


  48. Glenn Says:

    This is awesome… Well done and good luck from Glenn, the GEO guy!


  49. Jenni Lloyd Says:

    top move James – and a great job title. Congratulations!


  50. Cathy Says:

    Well done James – am definitely keen to learn about all the cool stuff you’d be working on – yes trust, respect, and ethics with users are core to proper WOM.

    Lovely videos I felt like I’ve travelled around the world just looking at your blogs :)


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