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Mobile Geeks of London IV

It’s fast approaching…


…and can you believe there is currently, at the time of writing, 119 people down as confirmed as coming?!
(don’t even ask me about the ‘maybes’)

I am completely and utterly overwhelmed.

Who’d have thought it huh?

It’s been just over a year since our very first meet-up way back when, upstairs in the Bricklayers Arms…

– Dodgy Lookin’ Bunch –

20 of us or so, all gathered round a table, drinking beer and coo-ing over the first generation iPhone.
What a sight we must have been.

From there Mobile Geeks of London, (or ‘MGoL‘ as it has become to be known) has gone from strength to strength. The MGoL facebook group is now 354 members strong and, as you can see – as time has gone on there has been a really lovely increase in the turnout for each event –

17 <> 61 <> 73 <>119

Just – awesome – really, really awesome 🙂

This year of course, also marked the first time we took MGoL: On Tour.

Starting (and ending – hehe) in Las Vegas and timed to coincide with the start of the CTIA Wireless Conference – MGoL, along with some help from the team at Brilliant Expos, set a new precendent in the history of the Mobile Geeks and laid down the template for any future events that take place under the ‘On Tour‘ banner. Of which, I can guarantee, there will be more coming soon… Watch this space.

So.. Here we are… Let’s do it shall we? 🙂

Ladies & Gentlemen… Presenting:

Mobile Geeks of London IV

The Time: 6:45pm – 11:30pm
The Date:
July 31st – Today!
The Place: All Bar One, New Oxford Street
Nearest Tube – Tottenham Court Road
Google Map: If You Must

“I don’t wanna buy it, I don’t wanna sell it; I just wanna play with it and use it…”

See you there folks!


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13 comments on “Mobile Geeks of London IV”

  1. Zach says:

    Phone / glass / phone / glass pic is too great!


  2. Gutted that I can’t be there…

    Do you know if anyone will be videoing the event on a ‘proper’ video camera, i.e. not a camera phone? ^_^

    Have fun!!


  3. Ravindra says:

    Haha, dude you silently launched the new blog.Anyway congrats man.


  4. tim hoang says:

    Hey James.

    Give me a shout when the next one comes along – sounds interesting. Does it matter that i’ve got a crap phone?


  5. Walt Ribeiro says:

    What’s with those RUSSIAN phones? HAHA. Nice post!


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