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Day one of my Pre-Cleanse

Hey, how you doing?

I’m flying to Koh Samui, Thailand in two weeks time for a seven day ‘Clean-Me-Out’ detox sesh…

See here: The Spa Samui

16th – 28th of May I’ll be there and today is day one of my two week ‘Pre-Cleanse’, which they advise you do before you arrive at the Spa. The first part of this involves something known as a ‘Liver Flush Drink’

Nice huh? …Jeez – man this is gonna be HARD.

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1 comment on “Day one of my Pre-Cleanse”

  1. Why is it that most people think that a detox diet comprises of starving yourself for days on end and only drink some foul tasting lemon drink?
    There are many foods that help with the process of detoxifiaction of the body so why would you deprive yourself?


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